Vancouver Headshots by Arjun Malik



Depending on ones profession and in some cases their comfort level in front of the camera, One may expect anywhere from 30 to a 100+ raw copies for proofing per wardrobe. These images will seem dull and dark as they are shot so to preserve the details that are helpful when editing the final headshot.

Purchasing colour corrected images. 

To accommodated clients not looking for skin retouching - they can ask for a collection of colour corrected images instead. 

*if clients choose to share self edited images they are expected to declare it, so that the images are not representative of the photographers retouching.

Rescheduling, No Shows & Cancellations

Rescheduling of your session date and time is not a problem. But please be considerate of the photographers reserved time and try give plenty of notice. Your deposit can be applied towards another session date and time. 

Not showing up or canceling may result in absorption of your deposit. Please feel free to discuss possibilities to work around that. 

Reserving the time slot/day insures that the same session is not offered to another client - and a late reschedule, no show or a cancelation makes it harder to book the session otherwise reserved for you. 

Auditions - As a service run by actors we are more than happy to accommodate the unexpected audition that may arise the night before by moving the session time up or down for the same day when possible or allowing you to reschedule. We ask for the same courtesy if needed.  

(please get in touch with the photographer asap with the details of your audition- we ask you to not share any confidential information)

Payment & Refunds

Deposits are required at the time of booking to reserve the session date and time and are non-refundable. 

Full Payment for the session is due before proofs are released.

In case a client is unhappy with their proofs they may get a refund for the retouched images that are yet to be done valued at $50 per edit. 

Skin care & makeup services are non-refundable.