Vancouver Headshots by Arjun Malik


I had the pleasure of working with Arjun and Amanda earlier this year.  I was re-entering the commercial/tv world and needed to have an updated head shot. 

Arjun is the ultimate professional, understanding the technical and personal or human aspects of capturing a photograph that truly represents the individual 

During my photo shoot, Arjun created a light, stress free, fun atmosphere in which I could relax and enjoy the experience. The resulting photos were terrific 

Having my makeup done by Amanda was equally rewarding Amanda asked all the right questions before and during our session in order to achieve a look that I was really comfortable with and that would photograph well. 

I am very pleased with both my experience of the photo shoot and the resulting headshots. 

I would highly recommend both Arjun and Amanda. 

~ Debbie Suzuki

Working with Arjun was a total pleasure. In fact, the vibe & atmosphere he creates for his shoots is such that I’ve been trying to replicate it when working with other photographers ever since. He has an ability to read the mood & personality of his muse, and create a comfortable atmosphere with a sense of play in the air that encourages you to experiment and be yourself. He understands the importance of a relaxed environment and I think that translates clearly & beautifully in his portraits. I look forward to working with him again one day. 

~ Lauren Maynard

I’ve been in the industry for 10+ years and have had many headshots done. Arjun is by far my favourite , he knows how to capture someone’s look perfectly . His editing is not overdone either , like many local headshot photographers . I highly recommend him ! And he works with an amazing hair and makeup team as well . 

~ Celeste Ziegler

Arjun is absolutely AMAZING! He helped me from everything to taking headshot photos to filming and editing my audition tape. He coached me through everything making me feel super supported. His studio environment is safe and welcoming and taking photos with him is fun and natural. I highly recommend Vancouver Headshots! As well, Amanda, his makeup artist and girlfriend, is fantastic. Her makeup is subtle but looks gorgeous in the photos. They both were super welcoming and made my experience all the better (not to mention their cute puppy)!! 

~ Yasmin Gandham

Arjun is a rockstar! My son is 5 years old and has been going to Arjun for his headshots, since he was 2 years old. Arjun makes the experience fun & comfortable for him. The shots he captures, of my son, are amazing! I wish I could edit them all - you definitely get what you pay for and more. He is such a great guy, inside and out. If you want a professional, relaxed and enjoyable shoot - book with this guy! 

~ Genoa Alexandra

Arjun’s dedicated expertise to finding what casting directors look for is second to none. There are photographers and then there are photographers that know what catches the eye of a casting director. If one comes prepared, the time is spent quickly, efficiently and most importantly, the results deliver! 

~ Peter Chao

There are a lot of options in Vancouver when looking for headshots and Arjun is the best of the best. Whether you're an actor looking for a new look or a business professional looking to put your face out there for the first time, let Arjun and his team be your first and only stop. (He also gives great hugs!) 

~ Steve Bradley

I’ve worked with Arjun on multiple occasions now and I have to say he is one of the most professional photographers in Vancouver. There is no waiting weeks or begging for edits. He gets its done and quickly. Not only is he a talented photographer he’s a kind and wonderful person! He’s so easy to work with and makes everyone feel so comfortable. I will of course use him for future headshots! 

~ Arti Naidu

Arjun is professional and so cheerful & easy going which made it easy to relax and let his creativity begin! This was our first “headshot” experience and Arjun (and Amanda, his makeup artist) nailed it right away. We wouldn’t hesitate to ask Arjun to take pictures for us in the future. Highly recommend. 

~ Brandi Goodearl

It was my first time getting head shots done, great experience! Arjun makes you feel right at home. Very down to earth guy with amazing skills. I was thrilled with the final edited products. Highly recommend. 

~ Grant Ferneyhough

It was super awesome working with Arjun! He’s professional, personable, has great energy and gives great results! I’d never liked any head shots I had before until I worked with him and would highly recommend him! 

~ Stephanie Wickman

I recently shot with Arjun. I've had many wonderful experiences with photographers but this was easily the best one yet! Incredibly professional, down to earth, and personable. He took all the stress off the whole process. One thing that stood out for me was how much intention goes behind his shots. I'm use to people just opening up that shutter and firing off a million shots.But with Arjun, every shot had the intention that it could be "The One" And that turn around time? I literally had proofs that evening. He did all the hard work, sorted through them, and gave me a top 150 took pick my finals from.I couldn't recomend him more. I look forward to shooting with this guy throughout the rest of my life! 

~ Daniel Letto

My first time getting professional headshots, so it was a really good experience! Pricing for the photos was also not bad. I would definitely come back to get more headshots done in the future. 

~ Ritisha Jamba

I’ve had my photos done here for years. The guy knows what he’s doing and he’s really accommodating. Service goes over and above what is offered. Would easily recommend (and have before) to anyone in need of a photographer/headshots. 5/5. 

~ Parker Heuser

Amazing Photographer! Very professional and easy to work with. My photos turned out so well! 

~ Halley Giesbrecht

Had such a humbling experience shooting with Arjun. Headshots can be nerve racking and he made my time with him so comfortable & I really felt like I was apart of the creative process. He showed me images along the way & offered great suggestions. If you’re looking for new headshots he’s hands down the best in Vancouver. Probably the world. Big love for this guy. 

~ Emily K. Rose

Great lighting. Great shots. Captured what I need to push my brand forward. Look forward to working with Arjun again! 

~ Nicolas Ouellette

Arjun is super talented with a welcoming, and genuinely warm personality. He takes the time to provide you with knowledgeable guidance while making it a relaxed, and enjoyable experience. I highly recommend him! 

~ Julianne Ten Heggeler

Loved working with Arjun! Made me feel super comfortable in front of the camera and was super happy with the results :) I’ve personally had headshots done with him a few times and every time has been a great experience! 

~ Alissa Hansen

I have been working with Arjun for years now as his makeup artist and partner. Arjun has a special way of making his clients feel at ease. He is always gently encouraging his clients to portray themselves in their most genuine and authentic way possible. He is also a master with lighting and composition. Working alongside him is such a pleasure and I highly recommend booking a photo session with him! You will not be disappointed, trust me. :) 

~ Amanda Benko

Very professional, loved working with Arjun! Highly recommend. 

~ Leela Holt

I have worked in this field long enough to have had my fair share of the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to photographers. Vancouver headshots is one of those gems I wish I knew/ existed all along. The photographer makes you feel comfortable and is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Not only is he a nice person, full of positive energy, he actually takes good photos and listens to you / cares about what you want from the session. He has a great eye and I came out feeling great about my experience and life in general after working with him. I am a client for life. 

~ Meera Keister

Arjun is always professional and easy to work with, not to mention so down to earth and fun. Best photographer in town by far! If you’re looking to have photos done, he’s your guy. You won’t be disappointed! 

~ Kate Cutlan

I have used Arjun many many times for headshots and have yet to be disappointed.Not only does he give you personalized headshots, but he does it very very promptly. (I have never had to wait longer than 24hrs edits included).He makes the shoots fun and easy which isn't always the case. I recommend him to all actor/models or anyone looking for high quality headshots. 

~ Steven Nammour

Arjun was very professional and quick. We got the shots within half an hour & he edited them and sent them to me in the next half. I got a really good deal too because I was with an agency who partnered with him on a promo at the time. I’ve shot with 2 other headshot photographers since Arjun, and I highly recommend Vancouver Headshots for anybody who’s starting out in the industry or anybody who needs to contribute to their existing headshot portfolio for background work, dancing, commercial and film/TV auditions, or even professional business headshots. I recommend bringing a few outfit options with you, your own comb for touch-ups. I didn’t book a makeup artist or hairstylist for my session but I wish I have. For my recent shoots, I did and it made a big difference for me. 

~ Sunny Chen

Professional and Casual. I've been a repeat customer with Vancouver Headshots because of Arjun Malik. He knows what it takes to get the right look for his clients. Arjun made me feel relaxed and comfortable enough to bring my best personality out into the open and he always manages to capture it through the lens. The shoots are fun and his editing work is exemplary! I recommend him to every one of my colleagues. 

~ John Connolly

A great experience and even better headshots! 

~ Jessie Akinn

Arjun is terrific at head shots, action shots, and creative shots. He is excellent with children and a pleasure to work with! 

~ Jane Fielding

Arjun is a fantastic photographer with the BEST energy. You'll be smiling on set from start to finish. He is very professional, talented and easy to work with! Not to mention he provides you with high quality headshots in a timely manner. I was incredibly happy with the results and would highly recommend him to anyone in Vancouver. If you can manage to book his girlfriend Amanda on makeup you're looking at the ideal dream team. Thanks Arjun! 

~ Andee Roberts

For my first time getting headshots it was one of the best experiences I've had! Arjun is amazing to work with and he's extremely talented at what he does. To everyone out there looking to get headshots I highly recommend getting them from him!5/5 :) 

~ Toby Hufalar

Excellent experience, extremely professional work, creativity, efficiency and quality results with a fast turnaround. 100% recommended. 

~ Kenzo Kiren

Great to work with, great value, exceptional shots! 

~ Sara Parker (Agent @ Principals Talent)

I highly recommend Arjun and his incredible makeup team! An incredibly kind, creative and down to the earth photographer. He has a keen eye and attention to detail, creating the perfect natural looking headshot. Fun to work with, providing an engaging and resourceful experience! 

~ Katie Keough

Arjun is a master of his craft. He will exceed your expectations (personally and professionally) and capture you in your best light. For someone who's always avoided cameras, he made me feel comfortable and coached me so that in the end I had many beautiful photos to choose from. I'm so happy with my headshot - Thank you, Arjun (and Bo)! 

~ Eva Habib

Fantastic experience, as always! Easy to work with and knew how to achieve the results I wanted! 

~ Atash Amir

Never Have I ever felt so comfortable at a headshot session. Ive had my fair share of Headshots done and not once was I this happy with the results. I recommend and highly doubt I'll go anywhere else for my next set of Headshots. Arjun goes above and beyond to take care of his clients and always over delivers. 

~ Beauty Liste

Creative guy, can do more than just headshots. Highly recommend! 

~ Ben Czegeny

Had a great experience with Arjun on my first set of headshots. Definitely got more than I expected and was really happy with the photo results :) 

~ Justis Cooper

Arjun is a wonderful photographer and very easy to work with. He did headshots for my two kids (11 and 5 years old). As you can imagine taking professional looking photos of a 5 year old is no easy task. He got along great with my son and had him laughing and having fun the whole time. He took his time to get some amazing photos. I'd definitely recommend him for anyone looking for headshots, especially for kids. 

~ Jace K

Extremely professional, great shots, you definitely get what you pay for and I was not dissappointed! Recommended to several friends afterwards. Thank you Van Headshots! 

~ Samantha Knowles

Arjun made getting headshots sooo comfortable and so much fun. They can be stiff and redundant after awhile and I was so beyond happy with the results. Highly highly recommend him and also his lovely girlfriend on makeup. 

~ Ashley Farr

Arjun is AMAZING. He’s extremely friendly and professional. He makes you feel comfortable and confident even if you feel nervous or shy in front of a camera. He is super talented and you will LOVE your headshots. He exceed my expectations. 

~ Nanela T